"Thanks for the great service, you are sure making my decision to change look like a good one!."

-David Szubski

"It's such a pleasure to work with someone (Kim Sides) who knows the insurance business and works hard to get us the best value. I'll be referring neighbors and friends."

-Phil Johnson

"My wife and I had our auto insurance through 2 different companies that were both giving us good deals. We are always getting quotes to see if we can save money with someone else, but we had gotten it about as low as we thought we could go. We decided to talk to My Florida Insurance, Inc. to see if they could possibly save us a little more but were skeptical.They came back with a quote for the exact same coverage for about $1,100 dollars cheaper for the both of us per year. We thought something had been misprintedand had to call them back, but it was 100% correct and that was exactly what we paid. So we also had them look at our home insurance and saved another $400 dollars as well! Usually I hate dealing with the hassle of switching insurance but they handled it all for us and we hardly had to do anything, they have been amazing to deal with. We highly, highly recommend them. They gave us a $1,500 raise this year!"

-Cullen Mann

"Best service I've ever received from an insurance agency!"

-Mark Simons

"Thanks Jen. Trevor was right, you guys ARE good!"

-Lynn Josephson

"It was a pleasure doing business with both Trevor and Jennifer. Their knowledge and professionalism helped us in making our choices. They were patient and explained the process, making us feel confident with our auto and home coverage. We would recommend them to all our friends and family."

-Robert & Bonnie Alberts

"I have worked with Amanda for several years now. I am confident in her abilities as an insurance agent. She is wonderful to work with and always takes care of my customers and clients. I know they will get the professional service they service. I recommend to Amanda to anyone in need of any type of insurance.

Amanda's service has been 100% better than what I had. I am so glad they sent out the flyer in the mail. I will certainly recommend them."

- Diane- Cape Coral, FL

I changed to the My Florida Insurance Company a few years ago and have found they have great service and find the right product for me. I feel a load has lifted. Communicating is easy too

Sharon Kurgis

This was done very professionally and with ease. My Florida Insurance also gave me the best price over Citizens and another they were selling out to. Great Job and looking forward to working in the future.

Richard Kast

Great service, very professional, quick and knowledgeable. Would recommend it to anyone.

Tatiana Boksha

Amanda helps me with my Home and Auto insurance. I can't say enough good things about Amanda and her team. From day 1, they have been so helpful. I have never met any of them but I feel like I've known them forever. I feel like a very valued customer, not just a name and number. No matter what time of the day I call they are always there to help me. I would highly recommend them.


Professional and I felt really had my family's best interest at heart. I got better coverage and a lower cost. Thanks Amanda.

Keith Kubik

Dear Jenifer it was a great pleasure working with you and thank you very much for helping to find my condo insurance, you have handled with care and you were able to get me the best deal on the market.
I would recommend you to anyone
Thank you

Elizabeth Eagle

Thank you Elzbieta! It was our pleasure!!

Response from the owner

What an exceptional experience. Amanda was prompt, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend My Florida Insurance!

Heather Korchma

What a great agency to work with. Super fast communication and they get you the best rates!

Daniel Caruso

Professional female organization doing their thing in the business world pf insurance.

Bruce Baker

Searching for and switching insurance companies is stressful and a major headache. But I received a marketing mailing and decided to give My Florida Ins a look. Was pleasantly surprised at the quick response time, thoroughness, no pressure to purchase and the ability to basically shop several companies with one phone call. Jennifer looked at my current plans and realized that I had duplicate insurance on my condo and with that alone, saved me over $600.00 this next year! I never would have known on my own and my previous carrier didn't bother to look. Saved an additional few hundred on my cycle and auto's. That phone call put an additional $1000 in my pocket! I would highly recommend you give them a call. It doesn't get any better than this!

Daniel Trongard

This might be the best insurance company nationwide! The rates are competitive and affordable and the customer service is superior. Questions or claims are handled quickly and professionally. I couldn't say one negative thing about this company. We will be customers for a very long time!! Thank you for all that you do for us!

Jessica Pflueger

Jen was very helpful in describing our home and car insurance alternatives. In addition she advised me on how to obtain a elevation certificate and helped us file our LOMA application. The staff is professional and helpful. In addition the premiums are competitive.

john piljan

We have several rental properties through My Florida Insurance. The customer service the main reason that we use them instead of someone else. They are quick to respond to any questions, and have our back at all times. The rates are competitive.

David deMoya

Amazing, personal service! Any time I have a question or need assistance with my policy, the staff at My Florida Insurance is always available to assist. I have referred many friends and clients as well and they all have wonderful things to say about this team as well. The best!

Mary Adams

Great response, quick , easy, great price. One phone call and one email and you are done. Excellent service.

T Carr

My Florida Insurance, Amanda, was very easy to work with. She was also very responsive and did a quick comparative quote for me. She also took the time to answer all of my questions. I was extremely satisfied with Amanda and her service.

Randy Beckham

My Florida insurance is an excellent company! They have provided us with excellent customer service. They did an excellent job when we came home to water damage in our house at 1 AM by putting us in touch with the correct people to fix the problem. They have also found us the best rates around for all of our insurance needs. I would highly recommend My Florida Insurance!

Carissa Johnson

My wife and I are relocating from Ohio to the Ft. Myers Beach. I shopped around and received several insurance quotes however Amanda did an amazing job answering all my questions and came in saving us money Her attention to detail and professionalism is second to none and was above all the rest we talked to! Thanks for your all your help Amanada

Mike Angiulo

It was a very smooth and seamless process. Jennifer was caring and professional when presenting options and solutions. I never thought buying condo insurance would be this easy.

Hassane Jaafar

MFI is an outstanding local insurance agency. Their attention to detail, customer care and follow up are all done with obvious sincerity. It is clearly their intention to not only meet but exceed your individual needs when it comes to coverage and protection. In my mind, giving MFI my business was an easy choice to make.

James Hedworth

Very professional, courteous and prompt.

Rosemary Ryan

We were looking for a new Florida policy carrier and called Amanda...she was knowledgeable, polite, and professional....answered our questions quickly and yes, she answers her own phone!!! Dave Murray St James City Fl

David Murray

Great prices and deals with quality insurance companies

Larry Fletcher

My Florida Insurance is very helpful, friendly and professional. They will help you save money and get better coverage.

stephanie brenneman

I would highly recommend! Great company and great service!

Nicole Westerlund

Knowledgeable Professional Staff. Great to work with.

Therese Sides

Did a Great job and saved me money!!!!

Robert RuffieRobert Ruffie