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Kaikoa’s Beach Bash 2016

Beach Bash 2016 image

My Florida Insurance, along with Florida Peninsula and Edison Insurance Company, were the proud sponsors of Salt Warriors 2016 Kaikoa’s Beach Bash.  The event was held at Lover’s Key Beach on Fort Myers Beach, September 10th, 2016.  Other vendors that also made the event possible were: Momentum Brewhouse, Artichoke and CompanyYogurt Mountain, Lover’s Key Adventure Kayaks, & Savage 4×4 Inc.

Proceeds benefitted Caleb’s Crusade Against Childhood Cancer & The Kira Foundation: Advocate for Childhood Cancer Awareness.

The bands- Other Brothers and Electric Lipstick got the party started at 2:00pm and played until sunset.  The event was family friendly with a kid zone that consisted of hula hoop contests, 3-legged races, shell painting, & temporary tattoos.  The kids were even entertained by Batman, Kim Possible, & Tinkerbell while the adults enjoyed paddle boarding, food, and beverages.  The evening ended with a gorgeous sunset and beach yoga.

We thank all of those who came out to support this great cause and look forward to next years event!


What should I know about motorcycle insurance in Florida?

Nearly everyone in Florida knows that they are required to have a minimal amount of insurance coverage when they’re on the road.  This minimal coverage doesn’t go very far, however.  In fact, all it does it provide funds to the other vehicle in the event that you are at fault in an accident.  For motorcycle drivers, that means having the minimum coverage provides no funds to cover the damages to their bike or their medical expenses.

Fortunately, it is possible to get more coverage.  Just like auto insurance, it si possible for Florida residents to get collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist coverage.  Each of these levels can cover different scenarios, just like auto insurance.

With motorcycle coverage, however, it’s important to think about your needs.  While it is usually recommended that people shopping for auto insurance get as much coverage as they can, motorcycle riders can be different.  If your bike is not used as your primary mode of transportation (you take a car or public transit to work, for example), then you might not need to get insurance that would cover the loss of the bike.  Similarly, housing your bike in a garage at night makes it much less likely it would be stolen.  A motorcycle that is used as a daily driver, however, needs as much insurance as possible.

If you’re trying to decide how much motorcycle insurance you need, call the agents at My Florida Insurance.  They have years of experience with helping their customers find the motorcycle insurance that is right for them.  Let them help you find a policy that will fit into your budget.

3 Things You Need To Check Before Starting The Summer Boating Season

Living in Naples means being by the water. It can be extremely tempting to take the boat out onto the Gulf whenever you have free time. Before you start the summer boating season, however, there are a few things to check out.

#1: Training

Do you have all of the training you need to be out on the boat? There is a boating safety course that you can complete to ensure you are aware of all of the various navigational tools. It will also help you be better prepared for any problem that could arise when you are out on the water.

In addition to boat training, you should also know how to swim – and so should everyone who you invite on board. While you hope to never go overboard, it could happen and you have to be prepared for it.

#2: Equipment

A long list of equipment is needed on your boat. Some of it may be obvious while other things may be forgotten until you need them the most. Look for:

–           Life jackets
–           Fire extinguisher
–           First aid kit
–           Navigational maps
–           Flares

It’s also important to see if all of the items are in good repair. If you are bringing children onboard, be sure that you have life jackets that are designed to fit them.

#3: Your Boat

Have your boat checked out. A “vessel safety check” is available from US Power Squadrons as well as the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. You can find an examination office. They will verify that the presence of safety equipment meets the state and federal regulations. They can also provide any recommendations on equipment that you don’t have.

Call My Florida Insurance today to find out about a boating policy so you can have financial protection. This, too, can be something you check on before boating season starts for the season.


Simple Packing Tips for an Easier Move

Moving is a tough job. There is so much to do. To avoid creating more stress, you can follow a few simple rules that will make a difficult job much easier.

Use the Right Box Size

Carrying a large box with heavy items can be exhausting. Place heavier objects, like books into smaller-sized boxes to avoid back strain. Lighter items, such as sheets or clothing can be packed into large cardboard boxes.

Be Careful with Breakables

Individually wrap plates and drinking glasses with bubble wrap or newspaper to keep them safe during the move. Crumple sheets of newspaper or packing peanuts and place in any empty spaces inside the boxes to prevent the items from shifting. Write ‘FRAGILE’ in large bold letters, so the movers will know to handle those items carefully.

Avoid Mixing Items from Different Rooms

Place several boxes in each room of your apartment or house. When you are finished packing up one room, write the name of that room on the box. You should also itemize the contents on the outside of the boxes. Once you reach your destination, you can sort through your packages easily.

Specialty Items Require Special Care

Moving oversized items, such as a queen or king-sized mattress set, should be handled with extreme care. Wrap mattresses in heavy-duty plastic. You can purchase this from any home improvement store. The plastic will reduce the amount of dirt, bacteria, and insects that can invade your sleeping area after a move.

My Florida Insurance agents are available to assist you with acquiring many different kinds of insurance, including renters, home, auto, watercraft, and umbrella insurance. Located in Naples, the independent insurance agents at My Florida Insurance can offer advice on your current policy or help start you with a new one.

3 Ways to Reduce the Urge for Road Rage

When it begins to warm outside, you can count on traffic getting heavier. As a result, you may be inclined to speed through traffic lights or tailgate your fellow driver. These behaviors are considered road rage, and they can endanger your life and the life of your passengers. At My Florida Insurance, we’ve found three techniques that can help you avoid the urge for road rage while you are driving.

Avoid Driving When Traffic Is Heavy

One of the most common triggers for road rage is heavy traffic. Although you can’t make the light remain green longer or force people to move out your way, you can avoid traffic altogether. Instead, of driving during heavy traffic, opt to stay home or delay your trip home for work to avoid congestion.

Take Personal Responsibility

Sometimes, road rage can be initiated by another driver. They may have been offended by the way you were driving. If this happens, you can use polite driving gestures to let them know that you apologize. By doing this, you can avoid engaged in a road war with them, which could jeopardize your life.

Don’t Drive While You Are Emotional

Road rage is the result of an emotion of anger. It’s possible to rage down the road when you are feeling other types of emotions, such as sadness. Since road rage is associated with emotions, it’s important that you avoid the urge to drive while you are in an emotional state. Instead of driving, you could pull over and get some shopping done, or you can do another activity on your to-do list.

At My Florida Insurance, your safety is a top priority. If you want more safe driving tips, or you need auto insurance on your vehicle, we are here for you.

Driving Tips for Novice ATV Riders in Naples, Florida

Located just south of Fort Myers, Naples, Florida offers residents plenty of places to ride their ATVs. There are long stretches of beach and also the wild Florida forests on the edge of the Everglades, making it a diverse and fun riding experience no matter where you go in the area. However, ATV riding can be hazardous on a number of fronts so it’s important you know the ways to keep yourself safe when riding, especially when this is one of the first times you have ever driven an ATV. Below are some driving tips for first time ATV riders in Naples, Florida.


When you’re learning to ride your ATV, keep it simple. Just ride down trails and flat areas with good visibility at moderate speeds, until you really get the hang of how the vehicle rides. There’s no need to be doing rough off road courses at incredibly high speeds when you don’t necessarily know what you are doing, as that is just asking for an accident to happen.


Every time you ride, whether it’s on a street that is wide, flat and you know it well or a trail in the middle of the Florida Everglades, wear safety equipment. This includes a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and chest protector. Goggles and a face guard are also important, so that nothing flies into your eyes or mouth when you are riding, obstructing your visibility or ability to breathe.


Make sure your ATV is properly insured, so that you can have it paid for if you are in an accident. This insurance should also cover any injuries that you might incur while riding the ATV. Check with a company like My Florida Insurance who serves the greater Naples, Florida area to find a policy that will work for you and your ATV riding habits.

Ways You Can Reinvest in Your Community

At the beginning of the year, many people look for ways to improve who they are. They make New Year’s resolutions that they hope will challenge them to be a better person. If you are one of these people and you need a New Year’s resolution, consider reinvesting in your community.

At My Florida Insurance, we have a few suggestions for you that will help you get started reinvesting in your community.

Sponsor an Event in Your Area

In Naples, FL there are a lot of events going on and a lot of tourists visiting the area. You can capitalize on this by sponsoring an event and donating the proceeds to a local charity. Since many people like to give back, you may find that your event is able to raise a lot of money for a nonprofit organization that may be experiencing a financial hardship.

Help Build a House

Habitat for Humanity is a charitable organization that builds homes for people in need. You can easily volunteer your time building houses for Habitat for Humanity. In doing so, you will challenge yourself and providing housing for individuals who need a place to stay.

Tutor Young Kids in Your Neighborhood

If you want to help people who live within close proximity of your home, you can always tutor neighborhood children for free. You can inform your neighbors by hanging flyers throughout your community. Of course, it’s important that you focus on areas you are well-versed in so that you are communicating accurate information to your pupils.

Of course, if you are going to tutor children in your home, it’s important that you have homeowner’s insurance. If you don’t have homeowners insurance, we will gladly help you find a plan that will provide you protection for your home. You can visit our website or give us a call to get more information about coverage options.

MFI’s Favorite Top Ten Restaurants In Lee & Collier County

Not feeling up to cooking dinner tonight? Try one of My Florida Insurance’s favorite dining spots.

  1. Naples Flat BreadKim’s favorite dish is the Captiva Salad. It’s packed with chicken breast, romaine, spinach, goat cheese, craisins, mango, apples and caramelized pecans with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. They have three locations in Florida. Two in Naples at the Mercato & Naples Boulevard, and the other in Estero at Miromar Outlets.
  2. Mad Fresh– You can’t go wrong with a burger. Jen’s favorite is the Parisian. It’s loaded with bacon, brie cheese, caramelized onions, & tarragon sauce. Add an order of truffle fries and you are good to go! Amanda goes for the Beet and Pear salad. The herb vinaigrette is a nice addition. Remember- no ketchup for you! Unless you are under 10. They take their food serious. Located in Ft Myers by the Bell Tower Shops area.
  3. Incas Kitchen– A unique collection of Peruvian cuisine. You must start with the Steak huaciana app.  Then move on to Amanda and Jen favorite,  Tigers Milk Ceviche. It’s always fresh and prepared with such thought. They also have a great vegetarian dish- Chaufa Incasuyo- Quinoa cooked to perfection mixing different influences of Peruvian and Asian flavors with portabello mushroom, scallions, peppers, asparagus, eggplant and eggs, sautéed with soy sauce. It’s delish! Two locations. One in Naples on South Collier Blvd and one on 41 across from Mercato.
  4. Heavenly Biscuit– Ft Myers Beach. A small hole in the wall place with charm. Specializing in what else?! Biscuits! They also have incredible cinnamon rolls. Sit and have Amanda’s favorite, –The Special- bacon, egg, cheese, and tomato on a biscuit, and grab your cinnamon roll to go.
  5. Restoratives Café– Estero. If you’d rather stay inland, do like Kim and grab your cinnamon roll at this local spot. They have a nice selection of breakfast and lunch options even for the pickiest of eaters!  They also have daily home pressed juice!
  6. Mr. Tequila– Naples. Trevor’s favorite go-to for Mexican food. His favorite is the tostada and enchilada. Jen loves the freshly made guacamole and fish tacos. Both Trev and Jen have tried many Mexican restaurants in the area and this one is hands down the best. Top off your dinner with a homemade margarita!
  7. Tacos & Tequila– Naples. This place is a great go to for Tacos. With almost 20 tacos to choose from, you will be sure to find one you love as well. Amanda’s favorite are the Carnita’s and Jen loves the basic “Mom’s” taco. They are also opening a second location in the Pavilion in Naples.
  8. Buffalo Chips– Everyone at the office loves the buffalo wings from this landmark restaurant. Located in the heart of Bonita Springs, this place is known as Florida’s Favorite Upscale Dive! They have 9 ways to sauce up your wings as well as many other items to choose from.
  9. Bubble Room– Captiva. Recently featured on the food network for being one of the craziest restaurants in America. At this place, it’s always Christmas. The menu is just as eclectic as the décor. Jen’s favorite is the Orange Crunch Cake and Garlic and cheese smothered Bubble Bread. Both are worth the drive. Make sure to get an order of each to go!
  10. The Crust Pizza-Naples. An Ohio inspired pizza hot spot that doesn’t fail to deliver. The Meat Lovers Pizza & Pesto Pizza are even better the next day warmed up. The also offer gluten free crust, subs, salads, and wine on tap!



Adventures 4 Autism

My Florida Insurance was proud to participate in Adventures 4 Autism on January 16, 2016.  This is a cause very dear to Kim’s heart. Kim worked with kids with autism for 7 years. She enjoyed the uniqueness of each child and spreading awareness to the community. 1 in 68 children in America are on the autism spectrum and that statistic is changing yearly that’s why it is so important to raise awareness.  This event was hosted by Salt Warriors.  Salt Warriors is a unique organization that was founded by three friends with a passion for fitness and helping our local community.  They are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization of warriors who are on a mission to help local charities, local families and local organizations in need. 100% of their proceeds benefit the local community, OUR community and families in Southwest Florida.  We were proud to be a part of this event.  We not only had a great time, but also finished in 1st place!  Please visit our Facebook page for more pictures and details of the event.

Adventures 4 Autism

Preparing Yourself For Driving Abroad

When traveling abroad, you may want to have the freedom to drive as you do back home. However, it can be a lot more complicated than that and you may have a few things to get used to. Many countries require drivers to drive on the other side of the road, for example. Before you jump right in, you should prepare yourself for driving abroad. Use these tips to get you started. 

  • Check to see if you need anything other than your U.S. driver’s license. Sometimes you need to get an International Driving Permit from AAA. You have to be 18 to get this but you also need to be of driving age in the country you plan to visit. Consider minimum ages for renting cars in that country as well. 
  • Consider renting a GPS so you can navigate the country. You will have to likely get used to driving on the other side of the road. You do not want to have to figure out how to get around on top of that. Plus, having a GPS can reduce the stress of the driving experience. 
  • Consider only renting a car if you are staying away from the major cities. It can be a lot more difficult to get the hang of things in the busy metropolis areas. Instead, consider using the public transportation in the area.
  • Make sure you are covered through your insurance. Your policy may cover you if you go to Canada but anywhere else, you may need to consider an alternate policy that will cover you across borders. 

For more information on auto policies and international auto policies, be sure to contact My Florida Insurance serving Naples, FL. You can see what you are currently covered for and where there are gaps before going abroad. 



















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